silver brooch
A silver brooch.
silver pendant
A silver pendant.

During the early years of his career, c.1857 to c.1869, it is probable that Charles Horner was primarily occupied in the watch- and clockmaking sector but also made items of jewellery for local jewellery retailers. We have evidence that from the late 1870s he began retailing direct to the consumer. We know that from this date he offered a wide range of jewellery (along with other complementary products, such as silverware, tableware, clocks and spectacles).

The Horner business ceased its retail trading when it opened the then modern factory at Mile Cross in Halifax in 1905. This coincided with the fashion for Art Nouveau style, and allowed Charles Horner to mass produce most attractive brooches, pendants and other products, all of which had a large market through retailing jewellers and major department stores in Britain and overseas. Charles Horner’s enamelling department ensured that the quality of the enamel was of a high standard, despite being mass-produced.

The Book Charles Horner of Halifax includes information on the entire product range of the company throughout its existence. Photographs, drawings and Charles Horner sales catalogues provide a fully comprehensive pictorial record of these products, which include bangles, bracelets, brooches, buttons, cameos, charms, costume jewellery, cuff links, ear-rings, gold and silver chains, pendants, rings and stick pins.