The rise in the popularity of hatpins as a result of changing fashions in the late 19th and early 20th centuries saw the Charles Horner jewellery business becoming one of the market leaders in good quality but mass-produced hatpins.

The Book Charles Horner of Halifax devotes a chapter to Charles Horner’s hatpins, covering the market for hatpins, designs, manufacture and materials, intellectual property, sales and marketing, contemporary prices and Horner hatpin stands. There are about 350 illustrations of hatpins and hatpin stands, the majority being colour. To assist the collector, the author has grouped the hatpins by design or material and, in a separate appendix, has given pointers to spotting fakes and forgeries.

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gold hatpin
A ‘Rolled Gold’ hatpin with the intertwined Charles Horner trademark.
enamelled hatpin
An enamelled hatpin head.